Why we believe the KJV is the best Bible version in English

The following is a summary from an article entitled “The King James Version of the Bible” by Steven Houck, a minister in the Protestant Reformed Church:

• It was translated by men who are unsurpassed in their knowledge of Biblical studies.

• The translators were pious men of God who believed in the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures.

• It is the mature fruit of generations of English translations as well as the careful work of its translators.

• The King James Version is based upon the Received Text rather than the critical Greek text of modern versions.

• It is a word-for-word translation which faithfully and accurately reflects the originals.

• The language is one of reverence and respect which gives honor to the majesty of its Author.

• Of all the English versions of today, it alone is the Bible of the Reformation.

• Our spiritual forefathers thought so highly of it that they were willing to suffer and even die for it.

• It is the version which has been recognized for generations and generations as the Bible God has given to His English-speaking Church.

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