2 thoughts on “Has the KJV been translated into hundreds or thousands of languages?”

  1. put the same question to a Romanian KJV-only supporter

    I found your article very interesting and well documented. I say this because in a debate with a Romanian KJV-only supporter, I was told that the great advancement of world missions was blessed by the Lord specifically because the missionaries were using KJ Bible as the “one and only”. When I asked then why it took the missionaries 400 years to come to Romania (just some 4000 miles E from England) with a KJV translated Bible, which is extremely poor in quality, was changed for a number of times and yet having lots of errors. The translators initially told me that they translated from Greek and Hebrew, but then it turned out that another team was making the corrections using…the English KJV. Then I asked in how many languages was the KJ Bible translated over time, especially during the awakening periods, but never got an answer. It seems that these guys are lying to themselves trying in spite of clear arguments that KJV is only a translation (a very good one). Thanks for your article. God bless!

  2. I’m not against translations of translations. We have them of the LXX, the Syriac, the Vulgate and other languages. There have been times when I have been talking to JW’s here in Italy and they think that their Bible says the same thing as the KJV, but when I show them what the KJV says, they say, “I don’t know English”. Also there have been times when translations were done of other translations besides old languages. For instance Diodati’s 1641 Italian Bible was translated into a Swiss language in the late 1600s and possibly even Dutch in the early 1600s. The Dutch Bible with all its footnotes was translated into English around 1650. I honestly believe any translation should at least include the KJV in the discussion. There can be pitfalls in translating straight from it, but I am not going to throw away the scholarship and work of those men to trust mine.

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