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Open letter defending the Reina-Valera Spanish Bible by fundamentalist leaders


Without any hesitation the doctrine of the Word of God is the single greatest doctrine where our faith is concerned. (Rom. 10:17) Without a doubt we believe that God has preserved His Word for the English speaking world through the King James Version of the Bible. We would all agree that without an authority, we have no basis for our faith and hence our preaching.

For years the convictions that were just stated have been shared by Spanish speaking Christians as well. It is their belief that God has preserved His precious Word in the Spanish language through the Reina-Valera version of the Bible. With the same dogmatism that we believe in the absolute authority of the King James Bible for the English-speaking world, we believe in the absolute authority of the Reina-Valera Bible for the Spanish-speaking people of the world.

It is not surprising to anyone that the Word of God has come under attack, and its authenticity and veracity questioned. As we know this attack has been waged against the KJV for several generations. Without apology we defend the KJV and recognize it as the Word of God. In the same token, the RVT of the scriptures has been called into question as to its integrity and reliability. It is again that we determine to defend, without apology, these attacks upon the Textus Receptus based Word of God in Spanish.

While we realize that this is a sensitive issue and that there are some very sincere men that are caught up in this movement; our position remains steadfast. It is not our desire to undermine personalities or specific ministries, but rather to allow the overwhelming evidence to speak for itself. Unfortunately, to our knowledge, there is no comprehensive work of Bibliology in English concerning the RV translation of the Spanish scriptures.

Because of the overwhelming need for a work of this nature, we have undertaken this project with fear and trembling. It is to this end that we are writing to you. It is our prayerful desire to produce a work that will validate with a preponderance of evidence that the RV Bible is without question the preserved Word of God in Spanish.

We now write to request your prayer for us in these efforts. We also wish to let you know that we intend to publish the documented evidence and make it available to all that wish to have a copy.

If there are any questions regarding this work, please feel free to call on any of us.


Pastor Mark Chappell

Pastor Joaquín Hurtado, Jr.

Dr. Tommy Ashcraft

Pastor Luis Parada

Pastor Ezekiel Salazar, Jr.

Pastor David Cortés

Rev. Cipriano Valdés

Pastor José Luis Torres

Dr. Elmer Fernández

Dr. Roland Garlick

November 30, 1993

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