An analysis of the text of the RVG Spanish Bible

In this analysis we will present selected passages of the Old Testament to see if the RVG is aligned with the KJV as promised. The following is one of the main reasons that had been presented to justify the RVG: “To accomplish this work we have put parallel [sic] the […] Continue reading »

Is it wrong to say God inspired the writers of the Bible?

In recent years I have noticed an increasing trend in Fundamentalism objecting to statements to the effect that the writers of Scripture were inspired. It often comes across in clichés such as “God inspired the words, not the writers.” At least one Fundamentalist has written repeatedly that it is heresy […] Continue reading »

J. Hudson Taylor on inspiration

How this amazing missionary proved the Bible By J. Hudson Taylor, D. D. Founder of the China Inland Mission (Given at D. L. Moody’s Northfield Conference, Summer, 1888) Two questions have been put into my hands on the subject of inspiration. One is: “‘Are we not in the danger of […] Continue reading »

Books by or about KJV translators

Books by KJV translators Digital versions of 13 of these books are available for free reading online. Access to digital versions of some of the other rare books are available through EEBO (Early English Books Online). Access to EEBO is provided through some university libraries. To see which libraries nearest to your location hold an item, we […] Continue reading »

Double Standards in the Spanish Bible Issue

Introduction Not everyone making accusations against the Spanish Bible in the current controversy among Fundamentalists realizes they are implementing a double standard at times. The typical accusations mentioned here are similar to charges being made. My motivating factor in writing this was to place the Spanish Bible on more even […] Continue reading »